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widely use in the top-grade 7075 aluminum alloy for national defense and aerospace industry.
Can be combined with the blow molding machines of different brands.


Top-Grade Machinery and Materials

We use the top-grade Swiss MIKRON processing machinery in the industry, and the top- grade alloys such as the 7075 aluminum alloy which used in national defense and aerospace industry and stainless steel to produce highly precise, wear-resistant, highly stable mold products.

Hot Runner System

All preform molds use the hot runner system, allowing faster production, shorter forming periods, reduced material wastage and high competitiveness.

Customized Design

Our molds are created using 3D computer graphics that integrates our molding and designing experiences for thousands of molds to create preform products of uniform thickness, stable dimensions, with a high success rate, greatly reducing the product deficiency rate. Regardless of the bottle model or machine brand, we can provide the best compatible molds.

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